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Title (optional)

Title (optional) – really? I don’t know why but this little piece of text automatically inserted in the field above as I write has inspired me “Title (optional)”.

I guess I am inspired because not only is it a blank canvas, something to be retro fitted after the work in this box (the one in which I’m typing as I write) is done, but also because it is (optional). Optional, not obligatory or enforced even, simply (optional). A choice, a choice of what is this piece of writing going to be headed by to explain the point of it. A choice of whether or not the thoughts even merit a heading, but perhaps best of all a choice, period.

So many people don’t get a choice, a “Title (optional)” and yet so many of us take choice for granted. So many people have the right of choice taken away in one form or another, and yet so many spend their choices like they will always have more. The travesty of human trafficking perhaps polarizing the worst aspect of where people steal the right of others to have their own “Title (optional)” and replace it with titles such as “slave”, “owned”, “object” and “commercial asset”.

Title (optional) inspires me because it speaks of the choice we all should have to embark on something as yet undiscovered. It speaks of a blank canvas, a clean slate, hope even. “Title (optional)” an inspiring little phrase that invites us to choose, an invitation to discover what it is we hope to be defined by in our lives. Our choices, it is often said, define us. What choices are you going to make today to fill in your “Title (optional)” or to help others be free to fill in their’s?


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